Heres a selection of commonly asked questions and answers. To discuss your situation with our team, please get in touch.


How are fees calculated?

Our fees are based on hourly rates, which is standard for good law firms. Some law firms will operate on a fixed fee basis. We will leave that for our competitors and all their hidden little extra charges.

What we don’t do is hide things in your bill, charge for photocopying, faxing, and those other sneaky charges that you may not be expecting, but add up. We charge for our time – that is all. You get itemised bills, regularly, showing all work (time) completed on your matter.

Do you take on cases on a no win, no fee basis?

Sometimes. We assess each matter on its merits and, from time to time, take on matters on a speculative basis (no win no fee).

Who will be my lawyer?

During the course of your matter you will have access to one of our partners. You won’t be pushed onto a less experienced lawyer.

However, a partner may not necessarily do all of the work on your matter. It just depends. Often this approach actually saves considerable legal costs.

Our experience and expertise spans a broad range of matters, including personal injury claims, defamation and civil dispute resolutions. Get in contact with us for a consultation with our lawyers in Canberra.

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